Driver-Fixer makes it easy to update and maintain your PC drivers. By using innovative real-time scanning cloud technology, Driver-Fixer provides instant optimization for your system components and peripherals. This includes printers, graphic and sound cards, motherboards, USB ports, game controllers and more! Driver-Fixer first scans your PC and identifies the correct drivers needed. Then it retrieves drivers from our cloud database. From here, you can automatically install the most current drivers for your PC.

I assumed my system had up-to-date drivers. In just one scan, Driver-Fixer found 15 outdated drivers! From there it was easy to download and install the drivers. Now my system is in tip-top shape!
Tim Capiro,
Optimize your PC

Optimize your PC

With Driver-Fixer, you no longer have to waste time fooling around with Device Manager. Driver-Fixer makes it easy to update your drivers in our user-friendly interface. You’ll notice improved computer performance right away.

New Technology

Easy To Use

With the wide range of computer drivers out there, it can be hard to decipher what your computer needs and the version of the driver required. Driver-Fixer eliminates this problem and presents every single driver update to you in our simple but useful interface.

The Latest Driver Every Time

Get The Latest Driver Every Time

Driver-Fixer stores the latest updates in the cloud. That means the latest releases for your software and hardware, when you need it, and how you need it. No matter how old or new your driver is, there’s always an up-to-date solution in the cloud.

Secure updates

Secure updates

With Driver-Fixer, you don’t have to worry about downloading the wrong drive or a potentially harmful file. Our updating service is secure and you will know exactly what you are installing on your computer.